About Us

Shar Beauty Co. is an all-natural skin care/lifestyle brand, created by the owner Shar. Shar beauty co. represents beauty, comfort, care and sharing an overall experience of health, beauty and well-being. All soaps presented here are made exclusively from high quality, all-natural ingredients imported from Turkey. Our collection of soaps includes various compositions and shapes for all skin types. Here you can find exfoliating, anti-aging, moisturizing and nourishing soaps.

We offer 100% natural cold process soaps. All of our soaps are hand-made in small portions. Some of our favorite ingredients to use in our soaps are olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, fruits, and essential oils, and of course other healthy components for beautiful looking skin. Our soaps moisturize and fill the skin with nutrients, while the essential oils used leave a gentle scent on the skin. If you are concerned about skin dryness, oily skin, irritation, acne or eczema, or anything in between, Shar beauty co. is the perfect lifestyle brand for you.

The health of our skin largely depends on the quality of the soap we use daily. That is why Shar Beauty Co. believes in using 100% natural, eco-friendly, high quality ingredients in our skin care products. We want to ensure that you have healthy, glowing, beautiful looking skin from the inside-out. Our soaps moisturize and nourish the skin without over-drying.  Our gentle soaps create a rich delicious lather, leaving your skin feeling clean and refreshed. 

Our Soaps Are:
  • Detergents free
  • Synthetic Colors Free
  • Artificial Preservatives Free
  • Artificial Foam Boosters Free
  • GMO Free And Biodegradable
  • Mild And Nourishing Only
  • Not Tested on Animals