Testing The Waters

Hot or Cold?! Have you ever wondered what the perfect water temperature is to enhance your skin care routine? 

So, everyone has a preference as to what temperature of water one likes to shower in. Some people love to shower in steaming hot water, especially during the freezing winters where here in Toronto, Canada sometimes feels unbearable. Others like to shower in cold temperatures, especially during the summer where our main focus is to avoid heat stroke. Well, one of our main focuses. Other than to constantly reapply our SPF.

However, which water temperature really enhances our skin care routine, and protects our beautiful skin through all seasons?

Variety is okay, depending on your intention. Generally lukewarm water is the most ideal. The reason for this is because our skin does not adapt well in extreme temperatures. Just think about it. During the summertime our skin tends to be excessively oily and sweaty leading to a ton of breakouts. In the wintertime, our skin is extremely dry and lacks moisture. The consistent use of water tends to have the same effect on our skin. For this reason, we want to make sure we are not aggravating, stripping, or damaging our skin. We can prevent doing these things by using moderately warm water. 

Find your own happy medium between warm and cool water to shower, and wash your face with. Extreme hot temperatures can scald and strip your skin of its natural oils, and extreme cold temperatures do not add any extreme benefits to your skin and may feel uncomfortable. When using our natural  soaps to cleanse your skin, we recommend staying on the warmer side to open up your pores and to rid your skin of any impurities. After cleansing, we recommend concluding your wash with a cool temperature to seal your pores and lock in all of the moisture we have infused in our soap bars. 

Test the waters, and let us know what you think.

With Love,
The Beauty Team