Honey, Its Time to Exfoliate

First things first, lets get this clear. Exfoliating is not another term for torturing your skin! Always be gentle, no matter your skin type. 

Honey and Oatmeal as a natural exfoliator? Sounds delicious. Its like giving your skin a treat! Exfoliating is a vital step in any healthy skincare routine, 2-3 times is the maximum amount that we should be exfoliating weekly. Anything more can be damaging to your skin. Over-exfoliating can cause tiny cracks in the skin barrier that lead to loss of hydration and severe inflammation. Always listen to your skin. In this case, less does a lot more.

Now that we know a little about the dangers of exfoliating, lets explore the benefits. Why is this an essential step in my skin care routine? The benefits are mind-blowing. Have you ever heard the phrase "out with the old, in with the new"? Try to think of exfoliating in terms of this, clearing your skin of old dead skin cells and making room for new, vibrant healthy cells to form. Exfoliating regularly will improve your complexion and the texture of your skin, making it as smooth as a yummy bowl of creamy oats! In addition to this, it unclogs pores, prevents acne, helps other skin care products penetrate the skin more deeply, increases cell turnover, stimulates collagen synthesis and so much more.

Honey and oatmeal is an excellent natural exfoliator. The two ingredients have great benefits for the skin by themselves. Combining the two makes a stellar formula that rejuvenates, hydrates and purifies the skin. Oats are one of the most underrated ingredients for healthy skin care, in our opinion. Oatmeal is a gentle natural cleanser. Oats reduce hyperpigmentation, soothe skin irritations, fight acne and nourish the skin with an abundance of vitamins essential for skin health such as Vitamin E, Magnesium, Zinc etc. 

Honey, were not done yet. This ingredient is a true health and wellness Guru that has been worshipped for centuries due to its transparency. Honey acts as a natural healing potion for external and internal health, wellness and overall beauty. As a powerhouse of essential nutrients, honey is anti-inflammatory and filled with antioxidants. This ingredient in skin care makes for a great moisturizer, gentle exfoliator, and a deep pore cleanser- all while combating breakouts. 

Can you see why we combined the two magic ingredients? Your skin will be thanking you after your first exfoliating session with our Heavenly Honey natural exfoliator bar! Get yours now. 

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With Love,
The Beauty Team